Food Industry

Food Industry

The Food and Beverage industry consists of six main sub-sectors: The Meat Industry, Fish Processing Industry, Dairy, Bread and Milling, Beverages, and Other food industries1. The latter includes various activities that, given their limited representation, are included in a single sub-sector; it includes Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Cooked Dishes, Feed, and Chocolate and Coffee.

At present, the Food and Beverage Industry (IAB) play a key role invigorating the primary sector, as there is a high degree of interdependence between the two sectors. Among its main features is the ability to produce high quality products and to incorporate technology and innovation to their production processes.

The contribution of the Food and Beverage Industry to the Gross Value Added (GVA) in the Basque Country has experienced a positive evolution in recent years to levels that are higher than those prior to the economic recession, but without achieving the volumes registered in the year 2000. More specifically, the latest available data show that the Food and Beverage Industry accounts for 1.52 % of the GVA in the Basque Country.

With regard to the Basque industry as a whole, the food and beverage industry is the fourth largest industrial sub-sector and contributes 6.84 % of the region´s Gross Value Added (latest data available for 2013), 22 % more than the figure recorded in 2008.

Among the various sub-sectors in the Basque food and beverage industry, we can highlight the contribution of Beverages and of Bread and Milling, which represent 2.4 % and 1.5 % of Basque industry GVA respectively, compared to Meat Industries, which records the lowest contribution (0.3 % in 2013).

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